The same object will have different technical performance in different environments, so evaluating the quality of the object and looking at the environmental conditions it can bear is also an important indicator. Connectors are components that are no longer familiar in the field of electronic engineering and are used in every corner of our production and life. In order to meet the needs of various complex and harsh environments, its environmental performance is particularly important.

We know that the connector environment has a big impact on performance. The main influencing factors are temperature, humidity, acid and alkali, vibration and shock, and liquid immersion. These factors also affect the working and life of the connector. The following is a brief introduction to the impact of these factors on connector performance.

Temperature can change the physical state of an object. This is an important factor affecting connector performance. Due to different seasons and regional differences, the ambient temperature will vary greatly. After the connector connects the two components, the current will also generate heat when passing through, resulting in an increase in temperature. The sum of the two is the operating temperature. The metal components in high-quality connectors should be able to maintain their physical state at a certain temperature to ensure their high efficiency. It is usually specified that it should be able to withstand a maximum of 200 degrees and a minimum of negative 65 degrees. The effect of humidity on the connector is actually the effect of water. Since water is corrosive to metal parts and has a certain conductivity, it will reduce the insulation. Therefore, the material of the connector must be selected to minimize the effect of water. It is generally stipulated that the connector should be able to work normally for at least 96 hours at a relative humidity of 90% -95% and a temperature of about 40 degrees. Salt mist is salt in water that chemically corrodes metal components and affects the electrical performance of connectors. It is generally stipulated that it should be able to work continuously for at least 48 hours in a salt spray environment artificially made using a specific sodium chloride solution. Vibration and shock mainly affect the strength of connectors and the reliability of electrical contacts. It is usually necessary to verify its performance according to the environment of the connector application and the environment of simulated vibration and shock according to the relevant parameters. The effect of liquid immersion is similar to water. Compared with humidity, the surrounding water is large and the action time is short. The resistance to liquid immersion is usually evaluated by checking the tightness.

Due to different application objects and different application environments, the shape and structure of the connector are also different. In any case, the connector must maintain the current continuity and reliability of the connected components. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to deeply analyze the environmental performance of the connector and apply the appropriate connector to the appropriate electronic device.

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