Custom cable assembly service process

Each connection needs its individual cable. Make no compromises when it comes to the quality of the com-plete connection system. SPRING TECHNOLOGY gives you the complete system solution from one source, with no intermediary suppliers. Cable assembly is a very complex subject. It requires equal measures of expertise in the areas of connectors, cables and assembly. SPRING TECHNOLOGY meets all these requirements in full.
Our competent assembly team tests the complete system according your specifications. Our assembly service prom-ises you the same quality found in our connectors – without compromises. SPRING TECHNOLOGY offers you all from one source

  • 100 % final inspections
  • Automatic processes (cutting, stripping, attaching)
  • Extrusion possible with a hot-melt and high pressure/temperature process
  • Ultrasound welding
  • EMC-compatible assembly
  • Application specific labeling
  • Widest range of potting possibilities for sealed systems
  • Extruded cable crossovers.
  • Products with durability and functional reliability
  • Inspections, such as crimp force monitoring, during production.

Before do the cable assembly, there are some information need confirm first, like the cable connector, length,OD,wire diagram:

  • Cable application(we need to know it is for power or signal, then we can use suitable cable for you)
  • Cable length, cable OD
  • Both sides connectors (for the connector, please advise the model number or specification details)
  • Wire connection way (Our engineer will work out a connection diagram including all cable details for your confirmtion)

The process of cable assembling with push pull connector

Custom Cable Process

Custom Cable Case

SPRING B Series Push-pull Self-latching Circular Connector Assembly

SPRING P Series Push-pull Self-locking Waterproof Connector Assembly

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