What are the common fault forms of connector terminals

Our factory produces round push-pull self-locking connectors and also provides wire harness processing services. At the same time, we often process cable assemblies with terminals for customers.

We have found that the terminal of the connector will encounter some problems during use, such as peeling, bruising, corrosion on the surface of the coating, or flashing or cracking of the plastic shell, rough processing or deformation of the close contact part of the contact, etc. Poor appearance caused by various reasons; poor interchangeability due to excessive positioning and locking fit size, poor processing quality consistency, and excessive total separation force. The common failure modes of terminal blocks summarized by our company are as follows:

1, poor contact

The metal conductor inside the terminal is the core part of the terminal, which transmits power and signals to other parts in contact with it. The metal conductor inside the terminal must have good conductivity. If the contact design is unreasonable, the wrong material is selected, the size is substandard, or the plating layer is handled improperly, it will cause poor contact of the connector terminal.

2, poor fixation

The wiring terminal needs to be fixed in a certain position to achieve a stable connection. Sometimes the installation is carelessly imperfect, or the durability of the product is limited, such as too many plugs and unplugs, resulting in poor fixation. The lighter will affect the reliable contact and cause instantaneous power failure. The more serious is the product disintegration. Disassembly refers to the abnormal separation between the plug and the socket, the pin and the socket caused by the unreliable structure of the terminal in the plug-in state due to material, design, process and other reasons, which will cause the power transmission and the control system Serious consequences of signal control interruption. Due to unreliable design, wrong material selection, improper selection of molding process, poor quality of heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding and other processes, and improper assembly, etc., it will cause poor fixing.

3, poor insulation

The function of the insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position, and to insulate the contacts and the contacts, and the contacts and the housing. Therefore, the insulating parts must have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and process molding properties. Especially with the widespread use of high-density and miniaturized terminal blocks, the effective wall thickness of the insulator becomes thinner and thinner. This puts more stringent requirements on insulating materials, injection mold accuracy and molding process. Due to the existence of metal excess on the surface or inside of the insulator, surface dust, flux and other pollution and moisture, organic material precipitates and harmful gas adsorption film merge with the surface water film to form an ionic conductive channel, moisture absorption, mold growth, aging of insulation materials, etc. Will cause short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance and other poor insulation.

The failure of one wiring terminal will affect the operation of the entire engineering system. Therefore, you should try to avoid the above mentioned situations that may cause the wiring terminal to malfunction during use, so that the wiring terminal is more durable.

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