Whether in control engineering, equipment monitoring or transmission systems: the high availability of machines and equipment is an important economic factor in industrial electronics. The spring connector is used as a reliable connector in many branch areas and can meet a wide range of needs. Whether in a dry system at 400 ° C (752 ° F) or in winter in Siberia, they are installed in mobile programming devices for system control or truck loading units, and they all work reliably. Reliable and flexible products enable you to guarantee this extremely important advantage in industrial applications – high utilization.


High temperature resistant


Low voltage



Dirty/Hot Environment (e.g., milling)


Broad temperature range, Flexibility on glands and seals, keying for multiple connections on a common panel.

F series CATALOG
K series CATALOG
C series CATALOG

Process Control (e.g., sensors)

Thermocouple or fluidic/pneumatic mixed with electrical contacts for easy setup of complex interfaces.

B series CATALOG
S series CATALOG

Robot Handling (e.g., assembly line)

Mechanical design of plug allows robots and manipulators to easily connect and disconnect plugs.

B series CATALOG
S series CATALOG

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