1, Assembly


SPRING CONNECTOR can widely apply in Medical, Test & Measurement, ResearchCommunications, Broadcast Connector, Machines, Defense, RoboticAerospace, public sector, Information Systems, MotorsportMiscellaneous applications

2, main characteristics

Bend relief made from thermoplastic polyurethane elas-tomer. PU contains a highly polar urethane group, is insoluble in non-polar groups, has good oil resistance, toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance and stickiness. Synergy. It can be installed on the plugs and sockets of our company’s products to protect the cable. They are available different colours that match with the insulating washers.
Temperature range in dry air: -40 ° C + 80 ° C

outer size-of-the-bend-relief size-of-the-bend-relief

2, color of the bend relief

The last letter ((G)) of the part number indicates the grey color. For ordering a bend relief with another color, see table on page below and replace the letter ((G)) by the letter of the required color.

color of the bend relief

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