Learn to distinguish connectors, terminals, and connectors

There are too many different types of connectors, which makes it difficult to distinguish their differences, such as connectors, terminal blocks, connectors, etc. Today, I will introduce their applications. Electrical connector is abbreviated as connector, also called connector, which is a sub-category of electronic components and is mainly used for the connection between circuits. In industrial production, line connection can be said to be ubiquitous, so the scope of use of connectors is of course very wide, used in various occupations.

Connectors are divided into many categories in detail, such as rectangular connectors, circular connectors, stepped connectors, etc. The terminal block is a type of connector, usually classified as a rectangular connector. The use range of the terminal block is also relatively single, usually used in the electronic and electrical field, used for the front and back connections of PCB circuit boards, printed boards and power distribution cabinets. The use range of terminal blocks is increasing, and the variety is also increasing. In addition to PCB board terminals, the most widely used terminals include hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, etc. In the electric power industry, there are special terminal blocks and terminal boxes, which are full of terminal blocks, single-layer and double-layer , Current, voltage, common, breakable, etc. In general, “connectors”, “terminals”, and “connectors” are different forms of expression that belong to the same concept, and are simply named based on different practices.

TGG.0C unipole coaxial push-pull circular connectors

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