Wire and cable products are mainly divided into the following main types:

1, bare wire and bare conductor products

Main characteristics: pure conductor metal, no insulation layer and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper aluminum bus, electric locomotive wire, etc .;
Processing technology: pressure processing, such as melting, calendering, drawing, twisting / tight twisting, etc .;

2, power cables

Main characteristics: Extrusion (wrapping) of the insulation layer outside the conductor (such as overhead insulated cables), mainly used in rural areas, suburbs, customer trunks, switch cabinets, etc. Or twisted pair cores (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground of the power system), such as overhead insulated cables with more than two cores, or other sheaths, such as plastic / rubber sheathed wires and cables.
Processing technology: drawing, twisting, insulation extrusion (wrapping), cable molding, armoring, sheath extrusion, etc. There are some differences in the different process combinations of various products.
Uses: strong electrical energy transmission in power transmission, distribution, transmission, conversion and power lines, with high current (tens of amps to thousands of amps) and high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).

3, wires and cables for electrical equipment.

Main features: many specifications and varieties, wide application range, use voltage of 1kV and below, and constantly developing new products in special occasions, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low smoke and dust, halogen-free / low-smoke low-halogen cables, termite-proof, anti- Mouse cable, oil-resistant / cold-resistant / high-temperature-resistant / wear-resistant cable, medical / agricultural / mining cable, thin-walled wire, etc.

4, communication cable and fiber.

In the past two decades, with the rapid development of the communications industry, the speed of product development is also shocking. From simple telephone and telegraph cables in the past to thousands of pairs of telephone cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, and even combined communication cables. The structural dimensions of such products are usually small and uniform, and the manufacturing accuracy is high.

5, electromagnetic wires (winding wires)

It is mainly used for various motors and instruments.
In order to provide customers with one-stop service, Xi’an Spring Technology Co., Ltd. also provides cable welding services while producing circular push-pull self-locking connectors. The customer provides or uses the standard. Xi’an Spring Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced welding wire technicians, and each line will perform a complete point-to-point continuity test and high voltage test to avoid possible problems.

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