Now, the general predicament of mobile phone connectors is that profits have reached the bottom line. “The unit price of a connector, such as a commonly used card holder. The price in Japan and South Korea is usually 3 cents, and the price in China is 2 cents.” For different customers, the quality and price of the products they provide do vary. Different, this is also the industry default. Connectors from brand manufacturers sell for 2 cents to 3 cents, while connectors in the cottage market sell for 2 cents or less. The differences mainly come from the use of materials and gold plating. Compared with consumer electronics industries such as mobile phones, the automotive electronics, fiber optic communications, and medical equipment industries have higher profit margins.

In China, the growth of the communications industry is the backbone of the fiber optic connector market, with about 20 manufacturers joining the competition. At IIC China, Samtec, a world-renowned connector manufacturer, introduced its latest fiber optic module, which can convert electronic signals into optical signals. In addition to connecting fiber optic cables, you can also connect electronic interfaces at the same time. “As product density continues to increase and signal frequencies become faster, we have an advantage in the high-frequency board-to-board area,” said Brian Vicich, deputy general manager and new product development manager for Samtec Engineering. Currently, Samtec’s target area is primarily communications. Product development for devices (eg wireless base stations, wireless communications) focuses on certain high frequency, high density connectors.
According to reports, Samtec’s current customers include not only communications equipment suppliers (such as Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, ZTE, Huawei), but also IT service providers such as IBM, HP and DELL. Vicich said he is very optimistic about the development of connectors in communications equipment such as communications base stations and test equipment. Although shipments are not as good as consumer electronics, margins and lead times can be guaranteed, and the product life cycle will be longer. “What we see is not the phone itself, but the server behind the phone application.”

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