Connector plating is mainly divided into three types: nickel plating, tin plating, gold plating, Our Push-pull circular Connectors will have a nickel coating on the outside. contact is gold plating.

Because this coating not only maintains the connector to mitigate the corrosion of the environment, but also adds durability and wear resistance to the connector, it also helps to establish and maintain a stable connector impedance from electrical utilities.

1, the connector coating helps to improve the mechanical function

The parameters related to mechanical function are primarily the factors that affect the durability of the coating or the wear and fit. If you want to think about these elements, then there will be two different views under the same fundamental role, that is, the sharing of cold welding in the multi-touch interface during the relative motion process. The most important mechanical functions include hardness, ductility and the coefficient of friction of the coating data. These characteristics depend on the connotation nature of the coating data and the process of operation used. Therefore, connector plating is very important.

connector with cable

2, the push-pull circular connector coating has stability and polishing properties

The electroplating nickel layer has a very high stability in the air. Since the nickel metal has a strong passivation ability, a very thin passive film can be quickly formed on the surface, which can resist the corrosion of the atmosphere, alkali and certain acids. The Electroplated nickel crystals are extremely fine and have excellent polishing properties. The polished nickel coating gives a mirror-like appearance of gloss while maintaining its luster in the atmosphere for a long time. Therefore, plating is often used for decoration.

3, the corrosion protection function of the push-pull circular connector coating

The first thing that the connector has to think about is corrosion maintenance. Today, most of our electrical connector contact shrapnel are made of copper alloy, which is the easiest to corrode in typical electrical connector environments, such as oxidation and vulcanization. In fact, the contact coating is used to close the contact spring and the working environment, and then separate to avoid copper corrosion. Of course, the coating data also needs to be protected from damage (at least in the harmful range) in the operating environment.

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