A flexible printed circuit board connector is used to connect the liquid crystal display to the driving circuit. With the trend of LCD driver integration into LCD devices, the number of pins for FPCs will decrease accordingly. At present, 0.4 mm pitch products are mainly used, and 0.3 mm pitch products are also widely used. Related products are already on the market. In the long run, the FPC connector is expected to be integrated with other phone components on the phone frame or its LCD module in the future.

At present, it is mainly 0.4 mm pitch, and will gradually develop to 0.35 mm or below. The development trend of mobile phone board-to-board connectors is that the pin pitch and height are getting smaller and smaller, the subsequent requirements are getting lower and lower, and they have shielding effects. At the same time, the height of the BTB (board-to-board connector) is gradually reduced to 0.9 mm
I / O connectors are one of the most important access channels in mobile phones. Use circular and micro USB connectors, including power and signal connections. The current market mainstream is 5 minutes. Since each mobile phone manufacturer has its own mobile phone solution, reducing the size and standardization of products will be the main direction of future development. The development trend of the combination of standardization and customization of micro-USB connectors has appeared, and the same development trend has also appeared in headset plug-in connectors. In the future, connectors are required to be thinner, with visual effects and waterproof functions.

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