Our vision

Improve employee well-being and corporate belonging, so that every employee can realize their value in the enterprise. To be the preferred employer for the very best people in our sector by providing an entrepreneurial environment that offers opportunities for our people to develop and thrive.

Our approach

To attract, retain and grow a talented workforce, providing equal opportunities for all, whilst nurturing a sense of pride in being part of SPRING.

Our people

Our employees are the best in the sector, our greatest single asset and critical to our success. Passionate, motivated and skilled employees in safe working environments directly contribute to our strategy, performance and reputation.

Employee Benefits

Every employee is the most important asset of our company. We pay attention to the corporate welfare and social welfare of each employee, and organize employees to participate in the medical examination every year. We provide free accommodation and food for employees on the production line, and organize employees to travel every year. Pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund are paid for each employee.

Our company combine R&D, production, sell,  management department together, and is one of most patiental push pull connector manufacter in China, and We have more than 80 staff and our management group:5 persons

domastic market sells:10 persons,Oversea sells:4 persons,R&D department:4 persons and workers:60 persons

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