The rise of the Internet of Things

The rapid development of the Internet of Things has aroused widespread concern in the industry, and the Internet of Things is likely to become the next trend after the Internet.

So what is the Internet of Things? Now, imagine a sprinkler system that can combine weather forecasting, sensors, and pay-per-use mechanisms to optimize lawn irrigation systems. Or you can imagine such a trash can in the bulletin, you can use compressed trash as needed, and remind municipal staff to clean up when it is full.

This is the Internet of Things. In the Internet of Things system, millions of sensors and devices continuously generate continuous data streams to improve our lives and work in many ways. According to Cisco’s prediction, by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Gartner Consulting’s forecast shows that by 2020, the economic value added of various industries through the Internet will reach 1.9 billion US dollars. IoT devices have become the main driving force for business development and will affect various industries in social life. If the rate of formation of the Internet of Things can be proven through independent market research, then this trend will get new stimulation and further attention. The Internet of Things is also called the Internet of Everything, and its corresponding connector will undoubtedly play an important role in it.

For now, the Internet of Things is a relatively macro concept, specific to the connector market, and we will find that this innovation will continue to be constrained by miniaturization and high on-chip demand. Functional integration and driven by a system designed for low-power operation. This trend is particularly noticeable on wearable devices. Today’s global electronic component manufacturers are trying to compete for a place in wearable devices, and miniaturization has been given absolute priority in this regard. Now, the demand for compact, low-power devices has expanded to all aspects of the electronics industry. Let us take the earliest and most cutting-edge medical field in the wearable field as an example. It has been extended to a new generation of portable medical equipment. Leading international companies attach great importance to this aspect. As the application of IoT technology in various industries becomes more and more diversified, it will pose a more severe challenge to the innovation capabilities of connector companies.

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