As far as the connection function of aviation plug products is concerned, the insertion force is an important mechanical property. The blocking force is divided into insertion force and tensile force, and the two requirements are different. The maximum insertion force and minimum separation force are specified in the relevant standards, which indicates that from the perspective of use, the insertion force is small. If the separation force is too small, it will affect the reliability of the contact. The ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the contacts of the aviation plug product and the housing is the core technology.

High quality electrical connectors for aviation plug products should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms. Electrical strength, or voltage resistance, insulation withstand voltage, is the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the contacts of a connector or between a contact and a housing. The surface treatment layer of the metal structure parts and contact parts of the aviation plug products has undergone a special anti-oxidation treatment, resists electrochemical corrosion, and does not affect the physical and electrical properties of the connector.

With the advancement of technology, aviation plug products simplify the assembly process and mass production process of electronic products, and have greater flexibility.

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