Industrial control refers to industrial automation control, which is mainly realized through the combination of electronics, electrical, mechanical and software. That is industrial control or factory automation control. Mainly refers to the use of computer technology, microelectronics technology, electrical means to make the factory’s production process more automated, efficient, accurate, and has controllability and visibility. Industrial control equipment is an industrial control computer. It is a general term for tools that use a bus structure to detect and control the production process, its electromechanical equipment, and process equipment. It has important computer properties and characteristics, such as: computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripheral devices and interfaces, as well as real-time operating systems, control networks and protocols, computing functions, friendly human-machine interface, etc. At present, the main types of industrial control computers are: IPC (PC Bus Industrial Computer), PLC (Programmable Control System), DCS (Decentralized Control System), FCS (Field Bus System) and CNC (Digital Control System).

1, IPC (PC bus industrial computer). According to IDC statistics in 2000, PCs now account for more than 95% of general-purpose computers. Due to their low price, high quality, large output and rich software / hardware resources, they have been familiar and recognized by many technical personnel. Its main components are an industrial chassis, a passive backplane, and various boards that can be inserted into it, such as CPU cards, I / O cards, etc. It also adopts the design of all-steel chassis, machine card filter, double positive pressure fan and EMC technology, which solves the problems of electromagnetic interference, vibration, dust and other issues in industrial sites.

IPC has the following four characteristics:
The industrial PC performs real-time online detection and control of the industrial production process in real time, responds quickly to changes in working conditions, collects and adjusts output in a timely manner, and resets itself just in case to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Reliability: Industrial PC has fast diagnosis and maintainability in dust, smoke, high temperature / low temperature, humidity, vibration, and corrosion. Its MTTR is generally 5 minutes and MTTF exceeds 100,000 hours, while the MTTF of ordinary PC is only 10,000 ~ 15000. hour.
Compatibility, can use ISA, PCI and PICMG resources at the same time, and support various operating systems, multi-language assembly, multi-tasking operating system.
Scalability, because the backplane + CPU card structure is used on the industrial PC, so it has powerful input and output functions. It can expand up to 20 boards and can be connected to various peripheral devices, boards, such as road controllers. Video surveillance systems, vehicle detectors, etc. To complete various tasks.

2. PLC Programmable Logic Controller: As we all know, it is an electronic system of digital arithmetic operations, which is specially designed for applications in industrial environments. It uses a programmable memory in the internal stored program to perform logical operations, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, and other user-oriented instructions, and controls various types of machinery through digital or analog input / output or production processes . . Programmable controller is a new type of universal automatic control equipment developed for industrial environment by combining computer technology and automation control technology. It seems to be an alternative to traditional relays. With the rapid development of microelectronics and computer technology, programmable controllers have more computer functions, which can not only implement logic control, but also have functions such as data processing, communication, and network. Because it can change the control process through software, and has the characteristics of small size, convenient assembly and maintenance, simple programming, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, etc., it has been widely used in various fields of industrial control, which greatly promoted the mechatronics Into. deal with. The following PLC products are very popular in our market: Schneider’s Quantum, Premium, Momentum and other products; Rockwell (including AB) PLC products, currently SLC, Micro Logix, Control Logix and other products; Siemens currently, there are SIMATIC S7-400 / 300/200 series products. GE products; Japan’s Omron, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Panasonic and other companies.

3, DCS (Decentralized Control System): is a series of high-performance, high-quality, low-cost, flexible configuration of distributed control system products, can form a variety of independent control systems and distributed control DCS, monitoring and data acquisition systems ( SCADA) can meet the needs of process control and information management in various industrial fields. The system’s modular design, reasonable software and hardware function configuration, and easy expansion ability can be widely used in various large, medium and small power stations. Control, retrofit power plant automation systems, and control industrial production processes such as steel, petrochemical, paper and cement.

4, FCS (field bus system): is a full digital serial two-way communication system. It is possible to interconnect, monitor and control measurement and control equipment such as probes, actuators and controllers in the system. In the classification of the factory network, it is not only the local network of process control (such as PLC, LC, etc.), but also intelligent instruments (such as inverters, valves, barcode readers, etc.), and it can also use distributed network Controls the built-in functions of the application. Because of its broad application prospects, many foreign capable manufacturers are racing to invest in product development. At present, there are more than 40 fieldbuses known internationally. Typical fieldbuses are: FF, Profibus, LONworks, CAN, HART, CC-LINK, etc.

5. CNC (Numerical Control System): The modern numerical control system uses a microprocessor or a special microcomputer. The control program is implemented by a system program stored in a memory in advance to realize some or all of the numerical control functions, and is connected to peripheral devices through an interface. This interface is called computer numerical control, or CNC system for short. NC machine tools are generally composed of the host, NC device, drive device, auxiliary device, programming and other auxiliary equipment.

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