Introduction of three connection methods of electronic connectors

If the categories are divided according to the connection objects of the connectors, there are three basic types of connectors, namely wire-to-wire connectors, wire-to-board connectors, and board-to-board connectors. The following SPRING-CONNECTOR introduces these three types for you:

1. Wire-to-wire connection.

Wire-to-wire connections also include wire-to-cable or cable-to-cable forms, which are defined by two single-wire individuals or corresponding conductors in two cables that are permanently connected to each other. Such permanent connections are more common in fixed-connection wire-to-wire connections and IDC connections. Crimp connections are common in discontinuous wire connectors. IDC is often used to control cable connectors because of its superior wire-related and harness end processing. Wire-to-wire connectors have a variety of plastic shapes Supports such as plastic parts with right angle and round polymer shapes, as well as plastic parts with a combination of different shapes and metal shielding shells, have many applications in the military.

2. Wire-to-board connection.

In the wire-to-board connection, half of the connectors are connected to wires or cables, and the other part is connected to the printed circuit board. Others are similar to wire-to-wire, except that two connectors need to be pressed or soldered. Many card edges The connector is still in use, and its terminal mating interface is suitable for detachable connectivity. Wire-to-board connectors have many uses, and their development direction is cable-to-board connectors, or cable assembly using the aforementioned advantages of IDC.

3. Board-to-board connection.

There are two kinds of board-to-board connectors, one is a single-chip connector or a card edge, and the other is a double-chip connector. The first board-to-board connector is located on the edge of the circuit board, so it is called the card edge. Its development will eventually become a two-piece connector, because the technical performance and size of the printed circuit board are constantly increasing. When the size of the board increases, As a result, the capacity of the connector will increase, so the number of terminals will increase, the connector insertion force will increase, and the circuit board printed circuit capacity will increase the line density is too large, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the single-chip connector, so, It will eventually develop into a two-piece connector.

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