Introduction of BNC connector

BNC connector is a very common RF terminal coaxial cable terminator.

1. Components of BNC connector.

The BNC cable connector is composed of a center pin, a sheath and a clip. It includes three parts: BNC connector base, sheath and probe.

2. Types of BNC connectors

BNC connectors include the following types.

  1. BNC-T head, used to connect the computer network card and cable in the network;
  2. BNC barrel connector for connecting two thin cables into a longer cable;
  3. BNC cable connector for welding or tightening of cable ends;
  4. BNC terminal equipment, used to prevent the signal from reaching the broken end of the cable and reflecting back to cause interference. The terminator is a special connector with carefully selected resistors to match the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminator must be grounded.

3. the quality judgment method of BNC connector.

Commonly used BNC connector quality judgment methods are as follows:

  1. From the surface of the product, the coating is bright and delicate, the higher the purity of copper, the brighter, some products are brighter outside, but iron.
  2. Magnet adsorption test. Usually, only bayonet springs and tail springs are made of iron; clips, pins and sleeves are made of copper, and other parts are made of zinc alloy.
  3. Scrape the surface coating to view the material: scrape the coating on the surface with a knife and other sharp tools to visually observe the material. Scrape the coating of jigs, pins and shield sleeves to visually compare product materials.
  4. In addition to the above methods, you can also prepare high-quality females to try to insert.

4. Introduction of BNC connector specifications.

BNC connectors are available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions. When a 50-ohm BNC connector is connected to other impedance cables, the possibility of transmission errors is small. Different versions of the connector are compatible with each other, but if the impedance of the cable is different, the signal may be reflected. In general, if a 50-ohm plug is incorrectly connected to a 75-ohm socket, the socket may be damaged. The 75-ohm BNC connector is usually suitable for connecting video and DS3 to the telephone company’s central office, while the 50-ohm connector is suitable for data and RF transmission.

5. A connector similar to the BNC connector.

BNC connectors are commonly used in NIM, but the applications in NIM have been replaced by the smaller LEMO 00. In high voltage situations, the more common connectors are MHV connectors and SHV connectors. Among them, the MHV connector can be forcibly connected to the BNC connector, while the SHV connector cannot be connected to the safer ordinary BNC connector.

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