In recent years, with the improvement of the economic and technological level, people’s gradual improvements in the consumption frequency of automobiles, smart devices, household appliances, communications electronics and other products have greatly increased the demand for component connectors necessary for these products. In meeting these needs, many domestic companies specialize in the production of various electronic connectors.

Because technology cannot keep up with development, China has been a major importer of connector products in the past few decades, and is in an awkward position among the world’s largest importers of relay connectors and other products. Thanks to the Chinese government’s strong support for the semiconductor industry, Chinese manufacturers have a good time to surpass their competitors. The same goes for connectors. We know that connectors are essential in all electronic products, especially in the automotive, computer, telecommunications, industrial, consumer electronics, aerospace and military fields, and the status of connectors is even more important. As a developing country, China’s development in these areas is also the fastest. This has created huge opportunities for China’s connector industry.
However, the problems faced by Chinese connectors are also serious. Due to insufficient technology accumulation in terms of accuracy and durability, Chinese connectors are currently dominated by low-end products, while the proportion of high-end connectors is relatively low. However, as the Chinese market continues to increase its share worldwide, in order to compete for the fast-growing market, this has promoted the further development of the connector field of Chinese manufacturers. At present, China’s connection development is also in a transition period from production to creation. In the field of high-end connectors, computers and peripherals occupy the largest market share. The automotive and medical device connector market also has a high share. It accounts for 20% of the domestic automotive connector market share, and the rapid popularity of smartphones has led to a rapid increase in demand for high-end connectors. The above are several areas where China is developing rapidly, which has created opportunities for China’s development in the field of high-end connectors.
Connectors are an essential part of electronics. Heaven is playing an increasingly important role. According to related reports, the average annual growth rate of China’s connector market will reach 15.5% in the next five years. bright future. Facing this large market, it is imperative to improve Chinese manufacturers.
While traditional areas continue to develop, emerging areas that are being promoted, such as the Internet of Things, smart homes, smart healthcare and smart cities, will also create new opportunities for connectors. Chinese manufacturers want to gain a foothold in new areas. Heel, you need to improve your technology reserves. If you don’t have a strong technical accumulation, then you will not be able to stand out in these areas with high precision and high reliability requirements. In this case, it will eventually be eliminated by the market. This is also a new opportunity to promote China from casting to innovation.

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