EX* short print socket, multi-keying and arc-shape metal guides (with earthing tag)

EX short socket with solder contact and earthing tag

1. EX Short Socket brief introduction:

X Series Connector straight push-pull connectors have high-speed needle contact for transmit common data transmission protocols,It is used in high-density installations, relatively narrow spaces, and where it is difficult to insert and separate by rotation. Widely used in the military and civilian fields of radio equipment, infantry equipment, reinforced computers, medical equipment, testing equipment, audio and video equipment, data acquisition, industrial control and other occasions for AC and DC, high-speed, radio frequency, optical fiber and other signal connection transmission.

Making it an ideal choice for Medical, Test & Measurement, ResearchCommunications, Broadcast Connector, Machines, Defense, RoboticAerospace, public sector, Information Systems, MotorsportMiscellaneous applications.

2. EX Short Socket description:

  • High-Speed Capabilities: Supports direct transmission of high-speed signals for various standard protocols (USB2.0, USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, SATA, DP, etc.).
  • Single Connector: Integrates the transmission of multiple signals including low-frequency, power, high-speed, RF, and optical fiber through a single connector.
  • Straight Push-Pull Locking Structure for Plugs and Sockets: Enables blind mating and allows for quick connections and disconnections.
  • Nut-Fastened Socket Installation: Equipped with a conductive O-ring, providing shielding and sealing functions.
  • Multi-Key Positioning: dual error-prevention methods with aliginment key structure error-proofing and visual color cues to prevent incorrect insertion.
  • Socket Leakage Rate: With a pressure differential of 1×10^5 Pa, the leakage rate should be less than 1.0 Pa·cm³/s (excluding optical fiber and RF products).
  • Water Pressure Resistance: After mating, the plug and socket can withstand water pressure at a depth of 2 meters for 24 hours (excluding optical fiber and RF products).
  • Pin and Socket Compatibility: Both plugs and sockets can be fitted with either pins or sockets (excluding optical fiber and RF products).
  • High-Speed and Low-Frequency Electrical Contacts Termination: Plugs use wire soldering, and sockets are available in wire soldering and straight PCB soldering types.

3. EX Short Socket technical specification:

Pulling and inserting times> 5000
Relative humidityup to 95% at 40°C
Vibrationfrequency 10-20000HZ, acceleration 147m/s², ≤1um instantaneous break
ShockAcceleration 2940m/s2, ≤1μs instantaneous break
Protection index (mated)IP68
Connector typePlug, Male Pins; Socket, Female Pins
Fastening typePush-pull
OrientationN (A, B, C)

Keying Codes Options

All Multipole body styles are mechanically coded.
N is the standard, but other codes can be requested

FX Series X Version Connector Alignment Key

Number of contacts and Insert configuration


4. Chooseing tips:

If you have purchased other same appearance and know the original model, please tell us. We will directly offer you our corresponding one.
If you don’t know much about the connector, please make choose according the following factors:

  1. the use of the environment, indoors or outdoors, waterproof or not;
  2. the panel hole size, to select the appropriate plug and socket of right dimension;
  3. the current-voltage, number of contact and the realization of the function, to determine the contact(cores) ;
  4. select the appropriate clamp diameter and sheath;
  5. according to the actual needs of different angles of the keys, to determine the keying (the standard keys as N).

5, Why choose our

  1. Lower your cost, cheap cable assembly offer, at least save your 30%-50% cost (100% compatible and work well)
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  4. We can provide OEM/ODM service and cable assembly solution.
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