Network connector S11.2RM.PD8.J00 287pcs & G11.2RM.PD8.K00 456pcs shipped to Russia

The customer in Russia ordered our network connector S11.2RM.PD8.J00 287pcs & G11.2RM.PD8.K00 456pcs on July, after one month, we finished the order, and shipped the goods to customer by air last week.

FX Series Y Version Connector straight push-pull connectors have high-speed needle contact for transmit common data transmission protocols,It is used in high-density installations, relatively narrow spaces, and where it is difficult to insert and separate by rotation. Widely used in the military and civilian fields of radio equipment, infantry equipment, reinforced computers, medical equipment, testing equipment, audio and video equipment, data acquisition, industrial control and other occasions for AC and DC, high-speed, radio frequency, optical fiber and other signal connection transmission.

Making it an ideal choice for MedicalTest & MeasurementResearchCommunicationsBroadcast ConnectorMachinesDefenseRoboticAerospacepublic sectorInformation SystemsMotorsportMiscellaneous applications.

  • Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function
  • Lightweight, small and easy handling
  •  Operating temperatures range from –51° C to +125° C
  • Optimized mechanical and colour keying
  • Lifetime of ≥ 5,000 mating cycles
  • Easy handling and blind mateable
  • Multiple contact configurations:
  • signals, low/high voltage transmission, coax/triax
  • System solution inclusive cable assembly and overmolding: everything from one source
  • Excellent shielding features (360°)
  • Version for hot-plugging available
  • Watertight protection class IP 68 and IP 69 K
  • Excellent data transmission up to 10 GBit

Xi’an spring technology Co., Ltd. is a professional push pull connector manufacturer integrating connector research and development, production and sales. Contact me for more info and best price.

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Network connector S11.2RM.PD8.J00 287pcs & G11.2RM.PD8 (1)
Network connector S11.2RM.PD8.J00 287pcs & G11.2RM.PD8 (2)

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