Watertigh or vacuumtight fixed sokect MGG.1B.304.CLLP 1000pcs ready to ship out.

The customer in UK ordered 1000pcs M12 Fixed Sokect MGG.1B.304.CLLP for handheld wireless device, and this socket is watertight one. The waterproof can be IP68 when use it inside the devise,it is widely used in military and aerospace field.

MG Fixed Socket with key (G), nut fixing, watertight or vacuumtight, Shell Size 0B, 1B, 2~16 Pin Contacts, outer shell in chrome-plated brass, PPS insulator, Female solder contacts
The push-pull locking connectors come in three varieties, plug, socket, and panel socket with a front-to-back mount

  • security of the Push-Pull self-latching system
  • multipole types 2-16 contacts
  • solder, print contacts (straight or elbow)
  • high packing density for space savings
  • multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors
  • keying system («G» key standard) for connector alignment
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding.

MGG.1B can replacement with HGG.1B LEMO connector and connector of other companies of the same type making it.  Our connector can widely apply in MedicalTest & MeasurementResearchCommunicationsBroadcast ConnectorMachinesDefenseRoboticAerospacepublic sectorInformation SystemsMotorsportMiscellaneous applications.

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