Project Description

ZRA/ERA.00 fixed unipole coaxial socket, nut fixing

ERA.00.250 lemo unipole coaxial connector1, ZRA/ERA.00 unipole coaxial connector brief introduction:

ZRA.00 unipole coaxial connector analogues of ERA.00 Lemo unipole coaxial connector and connector of other companies of the same type making it. SPRING TECHNOLOGY offer a full range of rugged self-latching push pull connectors used in a variety of demanding environments & industry applications.

2. ZRA/ERA.00 Lemo compatible unipole coaxial connector description:

  • Small size, quick insertion and security of the Push-Pull self-latching system
  • There are straight type, elbow (90°) type and other different types of plugs;
  • High frequency: transmission frequency is 3MHZ ∽ 30MHZ;
  • Many functions: in addition to the role of the bridge, it also has the function of processing signals, such as filtering, phase adjustment, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, etc.
  • Low standing wave, low loss: meeting the needs of weapon systems and precision measurement;
  • Large capacity, high power: mainly to meet the development needs of the information super high way.

3. ZRA/ERA.00 Lemo compatible unipole coaxial connector technical specification:

Pulling and inserting times >5000.
Humidity Maximum humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 60°
Temperature -45°~+125°
Vibration 10~20000HZ,15g
Mechanical shock 100g·6ms
Salt spray corrosion test >48h
Protection index (mated) IP50
Number of positions unipole
Termination Solder
Fastening type Push-pull
Shell material Brass
Shell finish Chrome
Shell color Silver
Contact material Brass
Contact finish-mating Gold
Contact color Gold
Insert material PTFE
contact diameter 0.7mm

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    SPRING P/N LEMO P/N Definition
    ZRA.00S.250.CTL ERA.00.250.CTL ERA Fixed socket, Shell Size 00S, unipole Contacts(50Ω), outer shell in chrome-plated brass, PTFE insulator, female Solder contacts

    Insert configuration(unipole coaxial connector)


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      If you have purchased Lemo connector and know the original model, please tell us. We will directly offer you our corresponding one.

      If you don’t know much about the connector, please make choose according the following factors:

      1 the use of the environment, indoors or outdoors, waterproof or not;

      2 the panel hole size, to select the appropriate plug and socket of right dimension;

      3 the current-voltage, number of contact and the realization of the function, to determine the contact(cores) ;

      4 select the appropriate clamp diameter and sheath;

      5 according to the actual needs of different angles of the keys, to determine the keying .

      You can also use the selection guide

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