HR-10 series Miniature push-pull self-locking circular electronic Print Socket


1. HR-10 series print socket brief introduction:

HR-10 series Miniature push-pull self-locking circular electronic print socket are widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, medical equipment, etc.

2. HR-10 series print socket description:

  • Push-pull self-locking connection, connection separation is simple and quick (the shell surface is non-slip design, the sound is self-locking)
  • Compact self-locking device ensures a firm and reliable connection
  • Adopt a reasonable five-key design with complete anti-blind insertion function
  • Miniaturized and compact structure design (effectively saves equipment space and realizes micro-mini design of equipment)
  • Contact type: solder type, plated PCB type

3. HR-10 series print socket Part Section Showing Internal ComponentsProduct-profile

4. HR-10 series print socket Insert configuration

5. HR-10 series print socket Alignment Key


6. HR-10 series print socket Panel cut-outs


7. HR-10 series solder socket PCB drilling pattern


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