“we got good results” feedback for our plastic 0P (M10) 2pin plug and socket (PAG.0P.302.GLAC42G&PKG.0P.302.GLAA)from customer in Korea

“We did an assembly test with the sample we bought last time, and we got good results…” feedback for our plastic 0P (M10) 2pin plug and socket (PAG.0P.302.GLAC42G&PKG.0P.302.GLAA)from customer in Korea, this connectors will be used on new measuring instruments.

SPRING 0P connector series are circular push-pull, self-latching, have different keyways and colors for medical safety, and are dust and splash proof. Our connector can widely apply in Medical, Furthermore, it has excellent compatibility with many leading supplier.Our connector can be used in a wide range of medical devices:Analytical machines, process processing instruments, UL61010A, dental equipment, other equipment (sensors, catheters), electrosurgical equipment, pacemakers and hearing aids, patient monitors, portable or household equipment, scanning equipment, sterilization equipment UL60601, sleep apparatus , monitor, respirator, ultrasound therapy device, micro drill, nuclear magnetic resonance, blood pump, defibrillator, ventilator, X-ray machine, operating bed.etc.

  • security of the Push-Pull self-latching system
  • multipole types 2 to 9 contacts
  • solder, print contacts
  • high packing density for space savings
  • a keying system combined with colour coding can be incorporated on all connector types to assist in the prevention of mismating.
  • plastic shell,IP 50

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PAG.0P Straight plug with cable collet

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