HMC-32 module connector size chart:


1. HMC-32 brief introduction:

HMC-32 module connector plug insulator has anti-missing function; when the plug and the socket are mated, there is an error-proof setting of the outer casing part, and the pin and the front end of the jack are chamfered, and the multi-boot ensures that the plug and the seat have good after installation. Cooperate.

2. HMC-32 opening size:


3. HMC-32 module connector technical parameters:

1,the main performance indicators of the product:

Rated current:8# pin (power supply): 50A
22# pin (signal): 5A
Rated voltage:between power supply hole position (1#~4#, 29#~32): 2500V (AC)
signal hole position (5#~23#): 1500V (AC)
Between the power supply and the signal hole: 1500V (AC)
Contact resistance:8# pin (power supply): ≤1.0 mΩ;
22# pin (signal): ≤5.0 mΩ
Insulation resistance:≥3000MΩ
Mechanical life:500 times
Vibration:10Hz ~ 500Hz, acceleration 98m / s2,instantaneous break ≤1μs
impact:peak acceleration 147m/s2, instantaneous break ≤1μs
Operating temperature:-40°C~125°C
Operating humidity:90% to 95% (40 ° C ± 2 ° C)

2, the main materials of the product:
Contact body: 8# pin (power supply): copper alloy (silver base back surface silver plated) 22# pin (signal):
copper alloy (gold plated back surface gold plated)
Insulator: PBT + 15% GF (UL94 V-0) black

4. HMC-32 module technical parameters

HMC-32 mold package storage:The product is placed in a small cell of a plastic tray, and then packaged in a box, and the product packaged in a box should have an ambient temperature of -10 ° C to 40 ° C, a relative humidity of 80% or less, and no acid or alkaline in the surrounding air. Or storage in the warehouse of other corrosive gases.

5. HMC-32 technical characteristics:


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