I need to buy a connector or I need to find a push-pull connector that matches my connector

I already have a specific number of other push-pull connector manufacturers, and the connectors match each other in the connector series. In most cases, connector pairs include plugs and sockets (plugs and sockets). The plug is usually equipped with a male contact and a socket with a female contact. I am looking for a SPRING connector that can be cross-referenced and get a given number of quotes and delivery times. , you can contact us.also you can check PDF catalog of our products.

I have specifications, I need to find a corresponding product.

By selecting the number of contacts, wire size and housing material, drill down to the expanded list of part numbers, you can access how to choose the right connector or contact us.also you can check PDF catalog of our products

I need to imagine different solutions for SPRING and find the right product.

SPRING’s product line is organized by series, and the Browse Products link allows you to visualize our connector series. If you have specific applications, such as testing and measurement or medical, you can visit our product line of applications.also you can check PDF catalog of our products

I need a product sample

You are working on a project and need a connector (1 or 2 units). You can visit our sample regulations and contact us to send a sample. However, samples are subject to availability.

I need to find the document

You are looking for an online data sheet or PDF catalog of our products, please go to the download documentation page. The documentation page contains information about PCB type sockets/sockets, cable diameters, and assembly instructions.