PTG 1P Free socket with cable collet and nut for fitting a bend relief

1. PTG 1P Free socket brief introduction:

SPRING 1P connector series are circular push-pull, self-latching, have different keyways and colors for medical safety, and are dust and splash proof. SPRING P series can widely apply in Medical, Our connector can be used in a wide range of medical devices:Analytical machines, process processing instruments, UL61010A, dental equipment, other equipment (sensors, catheters), electrosurgical equipment, pacemakers and hearing aids, patient monitors, portable or household equipment, scanning equipment, sterilization equipment UL60601, sleep apparatus , monitor, respirator, ultrasound therapy device, micro drill, nuclear magnetic resonance, blood pump, defibrillator, ventilator, X-ray machine, operating bed.etc. Furthermore, it has excellent compatibility with many leading supplier.

2. PTG 1P Free socket description:

  • security of the Push-Pull self-latching system
  • multipole types 2 to 14 contacts
  • solder, print contacts
  • high packing density for space savings
  • a keying system combined with colour coding can be incorporated on all connector types to assist in the prevention of mismating.
  • plastic shell,IP 65

3. PTG 1P Free socket technical specification:

Pulling and inserting times>1000.
HumidityMaximum humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 60°
Rated Voltage:0.9~1.2KV
Working Current:6A
Protection levelIP65
Connector typeSocket, Female Pins
Number of positions2-14 pin
Fastening typePush-pull
OrientationG,(A, B, C)
Shell materialPSU
Contact materialBrass
Contact finish-matingGold
Contact colorGold
Insert materialpolyphenylene sulfite (PPS)

4. Cross reference

PTG.1P.30*.GLL**ZPRG.M0*.GLL**ZPT free socket with key (G), nut for fitting a bend relief, Shell Size 1P, 2~9 Pin Contacts, outer shell in PSU, PPS insulator, female solder contacts, Cable diameter range:3.5~6.5mm.
PTG.1P.31*.GLL**ZPRG.M1*.GLL**ZPT free socket with key (G), nut for fitting a bend relief, Shell Size 1P, 10~14 Pin Contacts, outer shell in PSU, PPS insulator, female solder contacts, Cable diameter range:3.5~6.5mm.

Keying Codes Options

P series connector model part numbers are composed of three letters. PTG–The LAST LETTER indicates the key position and the contact type (male or female),So you also can choose PTA, PTB, PTC


Number of contacts and Insert configuration

Insert-configuration(p series)

5. Chooseing tips:

If you have purchased lemo connector and know the original model, please tell us. We will directly offer you our corresponding one.
If you don’t know much about the connector, please make choose according the following factors:

  1. the use of the environment, indoors or outdoors, waterproof or not;
  2. the panel hole size, to select the appropriate plug and socket of right dimension;
  3. the current-voltage, number of contact and the realization of the function, to determine the contact(cores) ;
  4. select the appropriate clamp diameter and sheath;
  5. according to the actual needs of different angles of the keys, to determine the keying (the standard keys as G).

6, Why choose our

  1. Lower your cost, cheap cable assembly offer, at least save your 30%-50% cost (100% compatible and work well)
  2. large stock, short lead times. The delivery time is short, the parts are in stock. Just need to assemble them.
  3. better quality at a reasonable price
  4. We can provide OEM/ODM service and cable assembly solution.
  5. Our factory has 9 years experience and strong and professional research and development capabilities.Advanced development and management, comprehensive R&D testing and highly automatic production line make our products high reliability and high performance.

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