1. brief introduction:

We XI’AN SPRING TECHNOGOLY CO.,LTD can supply a connecting solution that meets your specific requirements, including special materials, personalized layout and custom cable assembly, Making it an ideal choice for Medical, Test & Measurement, ResearchCommunications, Broadcast Connector, Machines, Defense, RoboticAerospace, public sector, Information Systems, MotorsportMiscellaneous applications.

Our skilled technical and support teams help you build the perfect cable assembly for your unique application, providing advice through design, prototype, assembly, testing, manufacturing, installation, and beyond. We support your project from design to manufacturing, making your work easy.

2. process for cable assembling

Custom Cable Process

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    Our four-step process to help to find right solution for your cable need.

    1, Choose the ideal CONNECTOR for your application

    • Indoor—B series with IP50, S series with stepped ferrule
    • Outdoor or harsh environment—K series, C series and F series
    • Plastic connector—P series

    2, Select the suitable cable type

    • Determine the cable type according to the working environment of your cable, the required voltage, current, resistance, etc. of the cable.
    • Extreme environments—IP68 or hermetic sealing,ultra-resistant,rugged
    • Medical—easy to clean,sterilization,radioactive decontamination
    • Military—Rugged,compact,lightweight
    • Instrumentation—miniaturization,precision,data speed
    • Fiber optic—broadcast,rodent-proof,sensing,copper-fiber hybrid

    3, Overmold the right bend relief

    • Standard overmolds for fast delivery
    • Custom overmolds with multi-cable exits
    • Silicone overmolds for heat protection and maximum flexibility

    4, Choose other connector/plug/socket on the other end

    • Our push pull plug or socket
    • Other type connector such as USB,HDMI,Ethernet
    • Customized end

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