Classification of connectors

In 1989, with the support of the National Electron IC Distributors Association (NEDA), several major connector manufacturers such as Molex, etc. gathered together to formulate a connector classification standard and terminology, which was formulated by NEDA The classification standard is called the connector component classification level, namely Levels of Packaging.

The basic classification of the standard is as follows:

0. For IC chip or chip-to-package connector, please note that the first level is “0” level, not “1” level. This level does not actually touch the connection. Level 0 is the integrated circuit chip.

1. The connector of the IC component or the component to the (circuit) board. When the IC chip is installed in the socket of the circuit board, it is a level 1 connection.

2. The connector from the printed circuit board (PCB) to the (printed) circuit board, and the 2-level connector is used for the connection between the printed circuit boards.

3. The connector from the wire to the circuit board or the sub-assembly to the sub-assembly, the 3-level connector connects the printed circuit board and the sub-assembly, or connects two sub-assemblies. Sub-assembly is an integral part of electronic products.

4. The chassis-to-chassis or input/output connector is a 4-level connector, which provides power or signal connection. The usual experience is: When the connection is in contact with audio or video signals, or when connecting the network and the computer, a 4-level connector is used.

For the above connector levels, the following points need to be paid attention to:

Some connectors can be used for more than one level. For example, the level 3 connectors QF50 and MX50 can be used for level 2 or 4. Another example is the standard 4-level SPRING internal and external fixed sockets, which can also be used for wire-to-circuit board or board-to-board connection.
In actual work, the connector is rarely talked about according to the above-mentioned level, but according to the appearance method and connection method of the connector to comment on it, such as wire-to-board and wire-to-wire. Levels are used to learn and classify connectors.

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